Sunday, March 30, 2008

What a change!

Well i am here, in good ol´Santander, Spain. I have very mixed feelings as to whether or not i like it yet. I know the longer I am here, the better it will get. My host family is very nice, though on occasion the son can stereotype me as an american who obvisouly doesn´t know the difference between easy things like "ser and estar" - for you spanish speaking people it isnt too hard, and i do know the difference!! But overall it is good, just takes getting used to the spanish all the time, takes time to have to translate in my head, but slowly it is getting better day by day. and ive only been here since thursday.

The town is very pretty and i have been walking a ton!! The ocean is beautiful and the weather has been really nice, though a bit windy at times!! School starts tomorrow and I think they days will be better once i have something to do, lately all i have been doing is walking around with friends, though i have gotten to know the city pretty well and where things are located.

Miss everyone and look forward to coming home, but i know this experience is good and can only continue to get better!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Leavin' Soon

This blog was originally a place for me to put up photos that I had taken of various friends and family, but as I am leaving for Spain, I realized that I should write in my blog about my experiences so I don't have to write everyone individually telling them all the same thing. So I guess I would suggest randomly checking this blog and I will hopefully be updating it often and putting up some photos of Spain as well!

So I'm leaving tomorrow at 2:45 in the afternoon, I will have a non-stop flight to Frankfurt, Germany, where I will have an hour layover to go through customs and such. Then I will be on my way to Bilbao, which is close to Santander, the town I will be living in. The total of the flight is about 14 hours, which isn't too bad. The time difference in Spain is 9 hours, so it will definitely take some getting used to!!

Be praying that I will feel comfortable with my host family and be OK with making a fool of myself for the first few weeks while getting accustom to speaking Spanish 24/7.

Travis and Shannon

Here are a few photos from the engagement photos of Travis and Shannon. They were great to work with and to see their love for each other as they take the next step in their lives together. The weather was not so great for the shoot, so some photos had to be done inside.