Sunday, August 1, 2010

Miss Me?

Hello All,

Sadly, it has been WAY too long since I have updated my blog.  My excuses for not writing in awhile are this: First, I was in Mexico for a week and a half.  Second, my computer died and I am still without one.  Third, even if I borrowed Heath's computer, I have no internet at my place (yet).  BUT, right now I am at Heath's parent's house, using his computer and I have some free time to write a little bit!

Mexico was great, Heath and his parents, and me and my parents all went to the Cancun area for a week and a half right after school got out.  Oh and did I mention I graduated? Yeah, don't feel like it yet, but I'm sure I will come September when Heath goes back to school and I don't!!  Anywho...Mexico was great, the weather was great right up until the day we left! 

Got back and started my new job!!  I am now an Assistant Project Manager at!  My dear friend Amy Dill works in the Sales department and suggested I apply for the position.  I found out right before we left for Mexico that they were considering me for the position and two days later they called and offered me the job!  So we got back from Mexico on a Saturday and I started my new job that Monday! I've been there now for a little over a month and I love it!  It is long hours because we're a little understaffed but they are working on hiring more people.  I love what I do and I feel like I'm utilizing skills that I have that I actually enjoy using.  So I'm hoping I can stay working here as long as Heath and I are in Corvallis!

Heath and I are getting closer to the wedding! 34 days! I'm pretty sure we have most of the big details worked out and all our vendors picked and set up, now we just need to finalize numbers and little details.  I can't wait - if I think about it too much I start getting a little nervous!

Also, I moved into the apartment which Heath and I will be living in once we get married!  It's two story, one bed, one bath, and really cute.  Heath and I have been slowly setting it up and unpacking boxes in our spare time (what's that?!) and I can't wait to finally share that place with the love of my life. 

That's all for now and I probably won't be able to update again until I get a computer or internet, which probably won't be until after Heath and I get back from our honeymoon.