Friday, June 13, 2008


Well I made it out of Spain! My parents arrived and I showed them around Santander, then we headed to a town called San Sebastian where we walked around some and got a general feel for the town...after driving there and almost hitting two bikers and other cars etc.
Then we took a train to Hendaye which is on the border of France and Spain, where we stayed in a small hotel that supposedly had a pool...this consisted of a small goldfish pond haha. We bought some yummy pasteries and walked to a Castle that was really neat to see.
The next day we headed to Tours, France where we ate dinner at this really cute little Grill, and so far have managed to survive knowing no French.
Then we drove to Caen, France, and on the way saw Mont St. Michael, which is an Abbey out on an island that was later a prison, and is now a tourist attraction haha, but it was really pretty.
Now we are in Caen, and today we saw the beaches of Normandy, also really cool.
If you want to read more and see some photos my dad has been keeping a blog with more details, and i figure it wasnt worth it to write the same thing. The address is

Cant Wait To Come Home!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Has It Really Been That Long??

Can´t believe it, but my time in Spain is actually coming to an end! Today I had my last final, my last class, and got handed my diploma. Wont actually get my grades until August, but I´m not worried. So now to start packing up and getting ready to travel some more. My parents are coming Saturday, cannot WAIT to see them, then we are heading out into great ol´ Europe and seeing some more sights, including France, Switzerland, and Italy.
I get home June 26th, have a whole weekend to relax, eat the food I miss, catch up on movies I´ve missed, and hang out with my friends. Then I start work on July 1st. Back to the real world and working 50 hours a week on a farm...not the most exciting thing to come back to, but I got to pay for Spain somehow!
Can´t wait to see you all soon!