Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life Happens

Wow, has it really been since June 13th that I have posted a blog! Crazy. Well I got back from Europe (forever ago) and I guess I kind of forgot about this thing! So here I am again, wasting time and updating it, even though I have no idea if people read this thing.

I worked at a grass seed research farm (same place I worked the summer before). It was pretty uneventful. I worked 50+ hour weeks and worked right up until before school.
Had one fun trip before school started, went to Fort Stevens for a 2 nights with Michele and Zach and then for one night Matt Lee, Micah Houck, and Tiffany Hartmann all came up. It was perfect weather and we had fun climbing around the ruins and walking through the dark passageways of the fort!
Also went to the wedding of Amy and Jesse Dill, it was beautiful and their reception was a blast! Everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves, it was great. Next was the wedding of Amaris and Mike Moss, which was also really fun, Amaris looked beautiful and Mike couldn't stop smiling at his new bride!

Moved into an apartment this year, again with 2 other girls. I am now located in the Parkwest Apartments, which are very close to campus, and close to some of my good friends! I am living with my best friend Michele Sweeney, and another girl that Michele and I just met, Joanna. So far the living arrangement has been working pretty well, Michele and I share a room, and Joanna has her own and so far its been good!
Classes started the last week in September and I am taking 3 english classes, 1 spanish class, 1 french class and a teaching class. Which is a full load, but i really enjoy all my classes! Im finally in a major in enjoy, which if anyone doesnt know, I officially changed to a double major in English and Education, and a double minor in Spanish and French. Which means I will be in school for awhile =D
I got a job down in Corvallis, I am the front desk receptionist at the Motel 6! Which is actually a great job, I work 16 hours a week, and I get to help people, which i enjoy.
Other than that, I'm just doing homework and hanging out with friends! And trying to find out how I can get back to Europe =D

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