Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Have Almost Forgot the Taste of Fears.

I am sitting here in my Shakespeare class - while we discuss the play Macbeth. Makes me appreciate the theatre I did in High School, so much easier to understand Shakespeare when you have actually acted in a play. Then I start missing theatre. The last play I acted in was Romeo and Juliet. Why didn't I continue to do theatre in college? Time, mainly. Didn't think I would have the time and I wanted to not be attached to the theatre world for once (considering it ate my entire high school career). I have acted in 19 plays and Assisted Directed 1. How do you just drop something that is so consuming of your life for so long?
Every time I see someone from my past, the question always asked is "are you involved in theatre?" And my answer..."no" I don't regret not continuing to be involved in theatre, the only times i miss it are when I watch a play. Like Broadway shows, I absolutely love to see professional (or nonprofessional) shows, but then I always get this little feeling inside of me of how I miss it.
But then I think of all the things I wouldn't be able to do if I was involved in theatre!
I wouldn't have been able to go to Spain, I wouldn't be able to have a job, I wouldn't have all the free time to spend hanging out with friends. I'm sure my homework would suffer and I would be wrapped up in a completely different group of friends. Probably would have never met all my friends through Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship. I don't regret not going into theatre and I will continue to enjoy watching what other people will produce for the stage. :D

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