Sunday, February 14, 2010

What a Keeper!!

Valentine's Day.  A day where those in relationships either do something special in attempt to show their love for the other person or choose to claim it is a "dumb" holiday.  A day where single people either ignore it or claim to hate the holiday with a passion because they are jealous that they cannot fully participate.  While I have always claimed to not care (in a relationship or not), there has always been a secret desire to be swept off my feet romantically (a feeling I think most women have).  Well this year Heath truly went above and beyond!! 
Having heard him boast over his ability to be really romantic when he wanted to, I was curious if I would receive some of this romance or not.  In the days leading up to February 14th I realized I had not heard Heath mention anything.  So I casually reminded him that Sunday was in fact this coveted day of love.  To which he, in surprise, answered that he thought it was next week or something.  This led me to believe that he had forgotten and only had about 2-3 days to do anything.  I began preparing myself for nothing.  Valentine's day would just be another day in the year with nothing special about it at all.  I needed to work on not expecting anything, because expectations are where problems can arise.  I was trying to decide whether or not to do something for him or if that would just make him upset at not doing anything.  I had to work from 4-9 and since Heath had not asked me to get it off I just figured that I would be working with nothing out of the ordinary...
It all started on Saturday night =]  I got off work at 10 and was tired from a surprisingly busy day at the Motel 6 and knowing that I wouldn't get to see Heath until later the next day I was a little saddened.  I walked upstairs to my room and my door was slightly closed, knowing I had left it open I was a little confused.  I opened the door, turned on my light and almost burst into tears of joy! There was my room exactly how I had left it except all the clutter was gone, all the boxes of stuff we were trying to sell was gone, my floor space was cleared and vacuumed and my bed was made.  And to top it all off, sitting on my bed was a heart shaped box of chocolates with a heart balloon attached AND there was a beautiful single red rose in a pretty vase sitting on my nicely cleaned bedside table!!  I was stunned!  I had been complaining for awhile that my room was really messy but I simply didn't have any place to put all the junk.  And now it is all gone!  I just kept walking around my room looking at all the clean surfaces in awe.  I called Heath up to thank him and tell him just how special I felt when he said that that wasn't all!  That there was more to  come tomorrow.  Not knowing what he meant I put it away in my mind, trying to still not have any expectations for what else could be coming.  Let me tell you, I slept like a little kid on Christmas eve.  It took me forever to fall asleep because I was hyped up on surprise. 
Sunday (today), started off slow, went to church which was good and spent the day making Heath a homemade card and some homemade truffles.  Not knowing when exactly I would see Heath, just assuming he would come to work at some point, I tried again, to not have any expectations.  Around 6 Heath showed up with food in hand.  I figured he would just buy food to go and bring it in, but not Heath.  He went above and beyond and made scrumptious coconut shrimp and bacon-wrapped scallops with a side raspberry vinaigrette salad.  It was delicious!!  Again, I thought this was it!  I brought out my truffles and he tried one of each flavor (peppermint, coconut and plain chocolate) saying each one was good.  As I was preparing to settle in to the rest of the evening of work he asked me to close my eyes.  I immediately got really nervous and excited at not know what was next.  When I was allowed to open them there was a beautiful necklace laying  in front of me.    Pictured below =]

All  I  can say is that every other woman should be jealous of the fabulous boyfriend I have! Haha, kidding.
My advice about Valentine's Day is to have no expectations what so ever because then you will be blown away by anything he may or may not do.  If Heath had done nothing it wouldn't have changed my opinion of him or made me feel less loved.  But because he did do something I felt exceptionally special and cared about.  I love Heath and I look forward to each day that I get to tell him that.

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