Monday, June 14, 2010


I graduated! College life is done!!  It is weird looking back on the 4 years I spent at Oregon State University.  The activities I was involved in like ballroom dancing, Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, Calvary Chapel, etc.  The people I've met and stayed friends with and those that were friends during specific times in my life; I just can't believe how much I have gone through.  College brought me tears and heartache as well as love and happiness.  It was a journey I'm glad to say I survived and managed to enjoy for the most part!  There will be many things I will miss, including: ranting about crazy English teachers with Kalin, getting chai tea and bagels from Java, having a building I can call my own (Moreland), finding exciting new authors and books because of a class I took, and many more. However, there will also be many things I will not miss anymore, such as: having classes with crazy, mean English teachers, having to run across campus to print papers off last minute and get to a hot and sweaty classroom in Moreland, not being able to find a computer at the library, and walking a half hour in the rain when I straightened my hair that day, etc.  I'm sure I will be walking into a slew of new ups and downs with the next part of my life which will hopefully included a job with salary and benefits.  Special thanks to everyone who helped me to celebrate my graduation on Sunday!

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