Monday, June 7, 2010

Wedding Quilt

Saturday I began the quilting process! My sister-in-law Elisha took me Joann Fabrics and we picked out some fun colors to use!  She showed me how to cut everything to correct dimensions.  Who knew there was so much math in quilting?!  Time for me to brush up on my addition of fractions skills.  I decided to make a wedding themed quilt for Heath and I.  I'm attempting to make it a queen size, though it may end up being smaller as my sewing machine skills are very low and I end up loosing a lot of fabric with I'm sewing two pieces together.
Elisha's mom let me borrow her sewing machine until I decided whether or not I wanted to buy my own (or get it as a gift, etc).  Here are 4 of the 5 fabrics we chose (I couldn't find a picture of the last one online).

The first fabric (with the wording) is the base fabric I picked out  -- notice the wedding themed wording--and as our bedroom is going to be somewhat brown themed, I thought brown and blue would look nice!

We cut all the fabric into strips of varying sizes and I began sewing them together in rows.  Once I get all the blocks done I will sow the blocks together with it switching between horizontal and vertical direction of the strips.  I'll be sure to post pictures as it is coming together!  Need to get all the blocks done then figure out the next step.  Haven't begun to learn about the backing and a border, etc.

Also, Heath says I need to blog about more exciting things...I just have no idea what is more exciting than quilting!

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  1. I think quilting is exciting! Besides, I'm not sure there are many activities more exciting than quilting anyways. ;D