Thursday, June 3, 2010

The End is Just The Beginning

As it gets within the single digit number of days until my college graduation, I can't help but feel a little scared.  Our whole lives are school, all preparing us for reaching "the real world."  Do I feel prepared? No.  Do I feel ready? No.  Am I glad to be done with school? YES.  But now what?  The age old question that you are asked from your Junior year in High School until a little after you graduate from College is: What do you want to do with you life?  My honest answer?  I have no clue. None.  The one that sounds the most appealing? Being a stay-at-home mom.  Is this practical and possible?  Not yet; especially since I don't have any kids and Heath has more schooling before he can be the bread-winner.  So my next best options?  Trying to find a job I don't hate.  I can get along in any job, deal with any type of boss, but I would prefer to have a job I actually enjoy. 
I've come to realize that I really enjoy working with people, but that people also wear me out if I get overly involved, so jobs in social service might be too much.  So what's the next best thing?  Receptionist/Secretarial type work.  It's the perfect balance of customer interaction while still having office work to keep you busy.  I'm really detail oriented and I love being organized.  Most people would criticize someone for aspiring to be a secretary, it's not a career goal most people fantasize about; but I think I would be really good at it and might just enjoy it!  I'm not cut out for the competitive business world, I don't care about reaching the top and climbing some ladder, I just want a job I don't hate.  So here I go, off into the real world to find my calling (as they say), except I've already found my calling, my calling is to serve the Lord, and I realize I can do that anywhere.  So all I ask is for prayer that I will be placed in a job where God can use me.  And if you know of any good job opportunities I suppose passing those along wouldn't hurt either ;-)

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